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personalized silhouette magnets

February 9, 2011 | Projects | Comments

These personalized silhouette magnets would be an adorable Valentine’s gift for your honey. Zan and I make each other our Valentine’s gifts instead of buying them. It’s a tradition we started the first year we were together and it’s carried on ever since. I really do love this holiday, but I love it when it’s handmade, sweet and simple. The little details throughout the day are what make it so special! As I was thinking of something different to make, I realized that I don’t have any silhouettes around the house, so why not make some?! If you want to get crafty… here are the supplies you’ll need: Profile picture of yourself or your loved one, magnet paper ( I bought mine at Paper Source), scissors,  Exacto knife and glue.


1. Take a profile photo of yourself. I actually used my Photo Booth on my MacBook to take my photos!
2. Take your picture into Word or Photoshop and make it the size you want and print!
3. Use magnet paper for the front and back of the silhouette. The back of the magnet paper is white so it’s easy to trace the profile picture. Once you’ve traced it, cut around the edge. With that piece you’ll trace another outline on the magnet paper.
4. Glue the two pieces, white sides together, so the magnet is visible on each side.
5. Fit them together and with an Exacto knife trim off any overlapping that might be showing. We want them to fit perfectly, kind of like twins of yourself : )
6. Leave the silhouettes under a heavy book over night so they will dry flat.
And you’re done!!


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