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Photos I Will Always Cherish

June 27, 2012 | Snippets of Life | Comments

These photos were taken when Romeo was two weeks old. Looking at them convey so many sweet memories of those first few weeks with him. All of the exciting and overwhelming joys of when our family of two became a family of three. It was an emotional two weeks for us… I could cry just thinking about it now! We were so exhausted, but our love for each other and this new little blessing kept us going. I can’t even express the bliss he’s brought us within such a short amount of time. I look at these and think, my goodness, I was so clueless in those first weeks as a new mom. I had no idea what I was doing or what the next few weeks were going to bring us. Now I feel like I’ve come so far with this mommy thing! I can even type emails with one hand ; ) I am very thankful that Krista came over to capture these memories for us. She was so gentle and patient with Romeo. It was a pleasent day and these photos will always hold a special and intimate place in my heart. Thank you Krista so much : )


Photos by Krista Mason


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