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mommy and romeo

October 25, 2012 | Snippets of Life | Comments

My little Romeo is growing up too fast. I cherish the nights when he lays on me sound asleep… it’s the best feeling in the world and I take a moment to look at how he’s grown and looking more and more like a little boy and less like my infant son. After I spend my bonding time with him while he sleeps (and give him a million and one kisses on his little head), I carry him into his room and lay him down. The whole “his own crib and his own room” thing was an adjustment I didn’t like, ha! I would keep him with me all night…


But I know none of us would sleep as well, so I held back my mommy tears and he sleeps in his room now. He also has a tooth, well it’s half of a tooth because it’s still making its way out, but oh my did we work hard on that half tooth. We had some sleepless nights and extra love happening around here. I can’t help but look at that tooth and be proud of it. What an accomplishment for my little boy and for this mama too! He’s so much fun these days… he laughs at our goofy dancing, cracks up when I bite his chubby feet, smiles at himself every time we pass a mirror (I knew I named him Romeo for a reason!) and loves our long walks in the carrier facing out. I always make a point to stop and show him a new flower or a piece of fresh fruit growing in our neighborhood. I want him to know the simple things in life are what make it so beautiful.


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