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10 month transformation of romeo

March 25, 2013 | Featured | Snippets of Life | Comments

My little boy is 10 and a half months! He is my active, sweet boy who is into everything and making cute little messes all over the house. He’s talking and saying about ten adorable words, including hola! A few weeks ago he looked me in the eyes, while I was putting him to sleep, and said “mama” so clear and perfectly… my heart burst with joy! When we ask him if he can snuggle, he lays his head on us and gives us the best snuggle a 10 month old can give. He also gives open mouth, tongue out, wet kisses on your cheek. I hope he doesn’t carry that into his teenage years! I enjoy seeing the little person he’s becoming. I love that he’s independent and doesn’t always need mommy every second. He plays his toys and explores the house while I work. The most exciting thing for Zan and me is when we get to introduce him to something he’s unfamiliar with. His reaction brings us more joy than anything in this world.


I know all parents feel the same way about their little offspring, but there are moments I feel like I’m the only person in the world experiencing this love. I can’t believe my boy will be one in less than two months. I’m planning a little fête with our close friends and family to celebrate his first year. Life is brighter, more exciting and blissful now that he’s here. He makes everything better.
Oops… 7 got lost in the Christmas rush! We forgot to take his pic!


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