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Real Talk with Real Moms: Growing Your Family

July 15, 2016 | Real Talk with Real Mom Series | Snippets of Life | Comments

RealTalkwithRealMomsRealMomTalkRealTalkwithRealMoms2We’re back for another Real Talk with Real Moms topic! And it’s all about growing your family! This is obviously a topic that Zan and I have discussed this past year. If you saw this post, you know that we’re expecting baby boy number 2 this November! For us, we’ve always known that we wanted to grow our family, but the discussion was really on when should we have more kids?! Once we had Romeo, I felt completely satisfied, extremely busy and enjoyed the ease of having one child. For 4 years after having him, I never even had a small  urge to have another baby!! Even whether the cutest baby in the entire world gave me a smile, holding a puppy, or seeing the sweet baby clothes… I wasn’t having it. I just felt content and I liked that Romeo was getting older and easier to manage and travel with. He also started going to preschool, which gave me time to work during the day and I got used to it being just the 3 of us. That is until he turned 4… then something actually did change in me! All of the sudden the sleepless, crying nights didn’t sound so bad, haha! The urge returned and we wanted Romeo to have a sibling and have another little rugrat running around. I really went with my and Zan’s heart on timing and we never pushed anything. We truly waited until we were ready… I felt zero pressure to have kids back to back and I actually feared it!! I didn’t listen to anyone who said, “Oh, but it’s nice to have them close!” I pretty much had the mindset that, that philosophy didn’t work for me, ha! Even when Romeo was 3 and Zan and I were both trying to keep our cool while navigating the frustrating experience that is a tantrum, I would say to Zan “Can you imagine if we had a baby right now too?!” That was always a wake-up call to me that I just wasn’t ready.

So, we decided to wait and trust me, we got the “Sooooooo, when do you think you’ll have more kids?” often! But I was always honest and would tell them that I just wasn’t ready for that yet. When the time is right, we’ll grow our family. We went with our hearts and did what we felt we could handle emotionally, physically and financially. After 4 years, we’re now beyond ecstatic to grow our family and it feels right.

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Photos from our family trip to Maui!


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