• HairWipes_DailyCharm

    Malibu Hardwater Hair Packets

    Calling all city peeps!! These hard water packets naturally remove impurities caused by hard water and allows your hair to be it’s shiniest, softest self! It moisturizes your hair and eliminates discoloration from harsh minerals, all while being 100% Vegan! We’ve use and and LOVE them for maintaining good hair health!!

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  • HolidayBlendEssentialOil_DailyCharm

    dōTERRA Holiday Joy Essential Oil

    Ingredients like nutmeg, orange, cinnamon bark and pine makes this very festive, Christmasy scent one of our favorites!! This essential oil is great for energizing and revitalizing during the holiday season.

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  • FunnyPouch_DailyCharm

    Meow, I Mean Roar!

    Charming over these adorable handmade pouches with funny phrases on them! There’s a collection of different phrases that will make you smile and they’re perfect for everyday use!

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  • winewipes_DialyCharm

    Wine Wipes for your Smile

    We think these wine wipes are silly and quirky, but we’d still carry them in our purse for a day of wine tasting!! They would also be great in a gift basket for a wine country party!

    BUY NOW/$13.00
  • BonBonSoap_DailyCharm

    Bon Bon Soap

    We love these Bon Bon Soaps! A triple-milled, moisturizing soap that’s hand-wrapped in Australia in the most charming packaging ever! What a special gift these would make!

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  • watercolor-lip-dailycharm

    Sheer Watercolor Lips!

    Sheer gloss that gives a translucent wash of color, just like watercolors!

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  • SpicesforFace_DailyCharm

    Breakfast for your FACE!

    You read that right! Breakfast spices for your face! Using moisturizing, exfoliating and antioxidant properties found in herb gardens and kitchens, these powdered masks leave skin soft, rejuvenated, and refreshed! We adore the charming packaging too!

    BUY NOW/$35.00
  • BoozyBalm_DailyCharm

    Boozy Lip Balm

    A former Food & Wine editor created these delicious boozy lips balms and we’re loving them! Scented with pure essential and botanical-infused oils these balms will make your lips super soft! Happy hour for your lips!

    BUY NOW/$6.00
  • BlossomLipGloss_DailyCharm

    Blossom Lip Balm

    A charming lip balm made with mineral oil for super soft, shiny lips and it’s infused with dried flowers! Comes in several yummy flavors like mango, strawberry and coconut!

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  • LipMask_DailyCharm

    A Mask for Your Lips!

    Pucker up! We like the idea of a heavy-hydrating lip mask that protects and revives! And it’s made with agave and antioxidants… bonus!

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  • SilverNailWraps_DailyCharm

    Metallic Nail Wraps

    These chemical-free metallic nail wraps are heat-activated and work instantly by using your hair dryer! There are other styles and patterns too. We’re just tempted to see if you can use them as mini-mirrors. Okay maybe that’s a stretch.

    BUY NOW/$8.00
  • Toothbrush_DailyCharm

    Reinvention of the Electric Toothbrush

    The first reinvention of the electric toothbrush in 60 years and we’re chompin’ at the bit to get one! One charge lasts up to 365 uses and using for just 2 minutes day and night sounds like a lot less than what the Dentist ordered. Good deal.

    BUY NOW/$199.00
  • Love+Salt_DailyCharm

    Love + Salt Beach Waves

    This all natural spray adds beautiful beach-y waves to your hair AND moisturizes your skin at the same time! We love products that do more and the charming packaging is a plus too!

    BUY NOW/$24.00
  • HomemadeBodyButter_DailyCharm

    Make Your Own Body Butter

    Create a hands-on experience and make your own luxurious body butter using natural organic ingredients! Not only do we love this, but we think teens and kids would too!!

    BUY NOW/$36.00
  • UrbanDecay_DailyCharm

    Naked Vault

    Now our favorite line from Urban Decay comes in an entire set! The Naked Vault includes all of the neutral ranges of shadows, blushes and lip colors we love!! Must have!!

    BUY NOW/$280