• CompartesChocolateBars_DailyCharm

    Compartes Chocolate Bars

    Compartes Chocolatier’s chocolate bars had us at “Cereal Bowl,” “Biscuits & Honey” and “Donuts & Coffee.” With wild flavors like those and their artfully gorgeous packaging, we’re charming over this LA-based chocolatier.

    BUY NOW/$9.95
  • Zoku_DailyCharm

    Instant Ice Cream Maker

    We love that you can easily make individual portions of ice cream in 10 minutes with the Zoku Ice Cream Maker!

    BUY NOW/$37.29
  • CottonCandyMaker_DailyCharm

    Hello Cotton Candy!

    You could make a little girl’s dream come true with this cotton candy maker… wait what are we talking about? Our dreams would come true if we had this! We almost made this a must-have… almost.

    BUY NOW/$295.00
  • MacaronKit_DailyCharm

    Making Macarons Easy!

    French macarons are one of our favorite cookies. Now with this kit, you can make your own at home. You’ll be donning a beret and saying “oui oui” in no time!

    BUY NOW/$39.99
  • ALMALavendarCaramel_DailyCharm

    Alma Lavender Caramel Sauce

    This Lavender Caramel Sauce from Alma is a handmade caramel infused with lavender. With this luscious lavender-infused butter caramel sauce, you’ll be in caramel heaven AND feel calmed at the same time!

    BUY NOW/10.95
  • GoldandChampagneMarshmallows_DailyCharm

    Champagne + 24K Gold Marshmallows

    We can picture these marshmallows served at a Royal hot cocoa party!! Champagne infused, dipped in 24K gold!! Hello AMAZINGNESS!

    BUY NOW/$24.00
  • HotCocoa_DailyCharm

    Luxury Hot Cocoa

    It’s not every day we wake up and sip cocoa in Paris, but this hot chocolate will bring us a little closer. Oui Oui!

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  • ChocolateCandyCam_DailyCharm

    Snack on This Chocolate Camera!

    Willy Wonka would have loved this, don’t you think? A tiny little chocolate camera… almost too cute to actually eat!

    BUY NOW/$13.50
  • ChocolateWaffleConeMix_DailyCharm

    We All Scream for Chocolate Cones!

    There really is nothing better than a fresh, warm chocolate waffle cone!! Quickly make your own using this classic mix and pair it with your favorite ice cream, yum!!

    BUY NOW/$9.49
  • CookieDough_DailYCharm

    Eggless Edible Cookie Dough

    The dough is always the best part and now there’s finally a cookie dough you’re supposed to eat!

    BUY NOW/$10.00
  • ChampagneGummyBears_DailyCharm

    Champagne Spiked Gummy Bears

    We’re buzzing over these French Champagne infused gummy bears! Cute as they are chic and the perfect party favor!

    BUY NOW/$12.00

    Some Cookies are Good with Milk, Others Demand Champagne

    Tested and Sugar and Charm approved!! Love the funny and charming packaging too. These cookies are so addicting it should be a crime to sell them. Just saying…

    BUY NOW/$12.00
  • MalviMarshmallows_DailyCharm

    Marshmallow Sandwiches

    Wouldn’t have to ask us twice to have a chubby bunny contest with these! A flavored marshmallow sandwich between two shortbread cookies. Sounds divine!

    BUY NOW/$25.00
  • IceCreamMaker_DailyCharm

    Shake N Make Ice Cream Maker

    Like we needed another excuse to make ice cream!! Now it’s so easy with this shaker! We’re in trouble…

    BUY NOW/$25.69