• Cube_DailyCharm

    High-Res Mobile Projector

    Good things do come in small packages! This 2” aluminum projector allows you to bring entertainment with you on the go without the constraints of a phone or computer screen. Show photos, project videos or play games on any wall or ceiling with the 120” display!

    BUY NOW/$279
  • Camera_DailyCharm

    Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera

    This awesome digital camera shoots HD movies and has a 12x optical zoom lens that’s perfect for motion or still photos. There’s also high quality sound and a playback mode that lets you easily approve all those insta pics!

    BUY NOW/$244
  • InstantPrinter_DailyCharm

    Instant Smartphone Printer

    This is pretty cool because you can instantly print photos from your iPhone!! It also allows you to choose from different templates (even square) and add text! Fun idea for a party!

    BUY NOW/$200.00
  • LetterPressKit_DailyCharm

    Letterpress Kit

    There is nothing better than a charming letterpress card! Now you can DIY using this charming at-home letterpress machine! From table numbers, seating place cards to thank you notes… the ideas are endless!!

    BUY NOW/$200.00
  • letter-press-kit-daily-charm

    At Home Letterpress Kit

    If there’s one thing we adore it’s letterpress invitations,cards and name tags! With this awesome At Home Letterpress Kit you can create fun projects like a pro!

    BUY NOW/$200.00
  • RobertRadio_DailyCharm

    Nostalgic Look Modern Convenience

    The Roberts Radio Revival radio has a nostalgic look, but lets you listen to thousands of stations from around the world as well as stream your personal music from your laptop or Spotify! Charming indeed!

    BUY NOW/$289.19
  • la-sardina_dailycharm

    Flamingo La Sardina Camera

    We’ve always been big fans of Lomography cameras. In this age of 0’s and 1’s, there’s just something about real film and that look that just can’t be captured digitally. Now, you can dress your La Sardina camera up and make it as charming as you! We love this flamingo look, but you can choose from endless designs to dress up your little sardine can-like camera!

    BUY NOW/$120
  • GoldToaster_DailyCharm

    Applause for the Gold Toaster!

    Is this the most beautiful toaster ever?! Please stand-up and applause because this toaster deserves it! Chic, stylish and GOLD. In our minds that’s all a toaster needs… oh yes, and 6 different backlit settings. LOVE!

    BUY NOW/$29.99
  • Lumix_DailyCharm

    Panasonic’s Sleek Wifi Camera

    We love Panasonic’s Lumix GX7, not just for the sleek design (and charming leather cases you can buy for it!), but for the built-in WIFI. All you need to do is touch your smartphone or tablet to the camera and you can instantly transfer your images for posting! Your Instagram feed will thank you.

    BUY NOW/$800
  • GoldMacBook_DailyCharm

    New Gold MacBook

    Apple is releasing a brand new gold MacBook and it’s by far the most charming one they’ve created yet. It only comes with a 12-inch retina display, but that should be just enough to work, create and surf in style!

    BUY NOW/$1299.00

    Instant Camera with 3 Lenses

    Now you can get even more creative with instant photos! This one comes with 3 lenses to shoot with and you can print them on the spot. We love the charming, vintage look of it too!

    BUY NOW/$169.00
  • CellphoneCharger_DailyCharm

    Floral Portable iPhone Charger

    This portable iPhone charger is adorable and lets you charge your iPhone anywhere without a computer or outlet. So get ready to work those thumbs out for all that extra texting and posting you’ll be doing!

    BUY NOW/$24.00
  • Toothbrush_DailyCharm

    Reinvention of the Electric Toothbrush

    The first reinvention of the electric toothbrush in 60 years and we’re chompin’ at the bit to get one! One charge lasts up to 365 uses and using for just 2 minutes day and night sounds like a lot less than what the Dentist ordered. Good deal.

    BUY NOW/$199.00
  • CocktailMaker_DailyCharm

    A Robotic Bartender for your Home

    Wow, we’ve been using single serve coffee makers/pods for sometime now, but the Somabar is the first of it’s kind to do it with cocktails! It creates craft cocktail in seconds using an app! Talk about serving your guests efficiently. There are pods that you fill with bitters, juice etc. and then the Somabar will dispense a perfectly shaken cocktail for you. Watch the video to learn more. This product is technically still in Kickstarter phase, but once they raise the funds it should be out for all of us to enjoy!

    BUY NOW/n/a
  • AetherCone_DailyCharm

    Blast Your Tunes in Style with Cone

    Cone is really a beautifully stylish way to play your music. It even recognizes your voice commands and has an 8-hour battery for complete mobility. A bit more advanced than those cones you used to make and yell through in art class!

    BUY NOW/$399.00