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Hibiscus Margarita Recipe

Aside from the beloved go-to Moscow Mule, you really can never go wrong with a classic margarita! And boy do we drink a good amount of margaritas here in Cali! For this Hibiscus Margarita recipe, we’re switching things up by adding a homemade hibiscus simple syrup into the mix! Hibiscus Margaritas are fairly close to traditional margaritas,…read more

Customizing Cabinet Color

We have been knee deep in architectural plans, permits and everything else that goes along with remodeling a house. I will have an update on all of that soon, but one thing that has me giddy is designing a kitchen!! I barely scratched the surface with our first house, gutting a kitchen and remodeling it…read more

Acai Bowl Recipe

 This Acai bowl recipe has become my favorite lunch during the week! Acai bowls are absolutely delicious, packed full of yummy fruit and nutrients (you can even sneak in a little spinach), and they taste amazing! The Acai I use is frozen (I buy it at Whole Foods) and comes in individual packs, which have 12 grams…read more

An Easy Gin and Jam Cocktail

We’re saying cheers to the New Year with this delicious and easy Gin and Jam Cocktail!! At Sugar and Charm, we’re all about having go-to recipes that use just a few ingredients and are easy to make! This yummy libation is one of our favorites. It consists of gin, fresh lemon juice and jam shaken with ice and…read more

Happy 2017!

Happy 2017!! Hope you all enjoyed your holiday! The break was much needed for us and I loved every minute spent with my family. Monroe made his entrance into the world on November 13th and he is such a joy!! We are over-the-moon in love with him and Romeo has been a wonderful big brother. The adjustment for…read more

Gingerbread Moscow Mule Recipe

If you’ve been reading Sugar and Charm for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of Moscow Mules. From our original Apple Cider Moscow Mule to our blueberry version, we love adding a twist on the classic libation! 2016 marks the 75th anniversary of the Moscow Mule and we’ve joyfully teamed up with the…read more

A Festive New Year’s Eve Sangria Bar

Since New Years Eve is all about partying until midnight and beyond, we set up an after midnight sangria bar with Frontera’s After Dark wines! The grapes are harvested after midnight, when the air is cool and crisp, to preserve the bold flavors, making it perfect to enjoy for a late night event! For the…read more

DIY Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Coasters

These charming DIY pipe cleaners snowflake coasters are perfect for holiday entertaining! They’re easy to make and a cute way to add a little holiday decor to your table! Supplies: Hot glue gun, scissors, white pipe cleaners Directions: Cut three 3 inch even pieces of pipe cleaner for the base of the snowflake Cut six 1 inch even pieces…read more

A Charming Holiday Gift Guide

I decided to do something different with this years gift guide! I chose some of my personal favorite things we’ve purchased this past year and items we absolutely love and use daily! I kept it pretty simple with just a few selects, but I truly think these items make great gifts and I’m grateful for…read more

Homemade Holiday Marshmallows

We’re counting down the days to Christmas and baking up a snow storm in the kitchen! We made some absolutely delicious, homemade holiday marshmallows that pair perfectly with hot cocoa! There is something extra sweet about homemade marshmallows, especially ones that are shaped as gingerbread men and snowflakes! They taste better than any store bought…read more