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Floral Milk Bath

We’ve always wanted to take a milk bath… this is probably the best way of doing it. We love this entire line by the way.


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We’re all obsessing over the limited edition Black Tie KitchenAid Stand Alone Mixer! It’s incredibly chic and sleek and looks gorgeous sitting out on any counter!

We’re ready for Summer with these fun watermelon earrings!! The acrylic watermelon slices hang down from a jeweled clip-on stud and are sure to make a statement! No pierced ears necessary!

How awesome is this giant version of the classic tabletop game tic-tac-toe?! Made with hand-crafted wood pieces, it’s a beautiful activity to bring out while entertaining. You can also take it to the park or the beach! Very charming!

This stainless steel pitcher is plated with gorgeous copper and brass to add a sophisticated element to your bar! We love the combination of the two metals, plus it comes with a matching spoon!

Who doesn’t love a straw clutch?! It’s a fun accessory that pairs with everything! Plus pom poms are always a good idea!

Let’s have a tea party with this set of brass and enamel tea spoons! The pastel colors make them perfect for an Easter brunch! Oh so charming!

Inspired by a vintage nightstick, these cocktail muddlers would make a great addition to your bar! Made with solid walnut, maple with a Corian tip, they’re designed for regular use. You can also engrave them for a charming gift!

A charcoal cleansing bar that detoxifies and absorbs impurities in your skin without drying it out!! It’s also organic and makes your skin perfectly smooth! So charming!

Can we just all take a minute to admire these geometric starburst bowls?! They come in fun colors that would look beautiful placed on a shelf and even more charming to serve your favorite ice cream!

Advocating your beliefs is very charming. We’re loving Reformation’s new line of Action T’s. A large portion of the proceeds are being donated to Planned Parenthood, EDF and ACLU.

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