Solid Brass Ice Cream Scoop

A show-stopping scooper worthy of scooping only the best artisan ice cream! We’re sold!

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  • canonprinter_dailycharm

    Gold All-in-One Wireless Printer

    We just added this beauty to the Sugar and Charm office! Not only can you print wirelessly at any time, from any device,  but the gold color adds a chic touch to a neccesity for any office! We love it!

    BUY NOW/$128.95
  • kitchenholder_dailycharm

    Ceramic Kitchen Dock for you iPad!

    Keep your favorite food blogs close while cooking with this ceramic kitchen dock! We adore the design and that is works as a compartment to hold all your favorite utensils! How charming!

    BUY NOW/$68.00
  • blanket_dailycharm

    A Cozy Plaid Wool Blanket

    The perfect lightweight, wool blanket inspired by “motor robes” from the 20th century! It also comes in a variety of charming colorful plaids!!

    BUY NOW/$128.00
  • mugs_dailycharm

    Whimsical Japanese Mugs

    Based off of traditional Japanese tea mugs, these colorful cups have a whimsical touch with thick glaze dripping down the side! So charming and unique!!

    BUY NOW/$29.00
  • campsunset

    A Modern Camping Guide

    The experts and editors at Sunset Magazine have released a new book called Camp Sunset! A modern day guide for camper’s full of useful information. From choosing the right gear to creating the best food campfire side, it’s all in there and all good!!

    BUY NOW/$19.00
  • fallwreath_dailycharm

    Magnolia Fall Wreath

    Wreaths don’t just have to be for Christmas! This charming autumn version is made with intertwined magnolia branches and leaves, which makes it a great way to welcome fall!

    BUY NOW/$65.00
  • piedishes_dailycharm

    Hidden Quote Pie Plates!

    As if we needed more motivation to eat pie, these aluminum pie dishes have hidden quotes on the bottom that reveal themselves as the pie gets eaten! What a charming gift these would be!

    BUY NOW/$30.00
  • Hose_dailycharm

    Charming Lightweight Garden Hose

    Lightweight and durable are two key words when choosing the perfect garden hose! This fun and charming yellow version has all of that, and is the perfect size for your backyard garden!

    BUY NOW/$98.00
  • bowl_dailycharm

    Handmade African Wood Bowl

    This hand carved African wood bowl is not only beautiful, but it’s serving a purpose. All profits from sales go towards educational training for the women that craft them!

    BUY NOW/$55.00
  • cookiebox_dailycharm

    Charming Wooden Cookie Box

    This handcrafted reusable pine box is the perfect way to gift fresh baked cookies! It has four different compartments so you can pack up a variety of flavors and then deliver in the most charming box ever! We love it!

    BUY NOW/$30.00
  • candydish_dailycharm

    Charming Candy Bowls

    These beautifully crafted candy dishes were first made in Austria in the 1920s.They’re a charming way to display candy or other treasures and I love how round they are!

    BUY NOW/$260.00
  • camera_DailyCharm

    Pop Up Pinhole Camera!

    Make your own pop up pinhole camera with this fun kit! All you need is 30 minutes and some film and you’re ready to start shooting!

    BUY NOW/$34.00
  • Dominos_DailyCharm

    A Charming Retro Domino Set!

    The classic dominos game has been reimagined with bright orange pieces and a fun patterned box! So cute you can leave it out instead of storing it in the closet!!

    BUY NOW/$25.00
  • cameras_DailyCharm

    Instax Mini Camera!

    Instant is in! These colorful Instax mini instant cameras pop out small versions of the classic polaroid pictures!

    BUY NOW/$70.00
  • Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 4.14.57 PM copy

    Retro Gold Bar Cart

    We love the roundness of this charming portable bar cart! It’s small enough to fit anywhere in your home and can be easily moved around when you have guests! Long live the bar cart!!

    BUY NOW/$169.99