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For the three DIY projects this week… I wanted to steer away from the typical clear, glass vase and use other affordable options that are still a bit unique. Ikea is on of the best places to pick up cheap vases or planters. When browsing the store (which I do way too often!) I came across this wooden box. I think it’s pretty adorable and has a nice rustic/modern charm to it ; ) The box is only $5.99 and I knew I could make something cute out of it! If you like this idea, follow the instructions below ; )

1) Purchase a wooden box (or one like it) from Ikea. It’s called the Bjuron and cost $5.99


2) Start collecting plastic bags from stores… each box will use one plastic bag… make sure there are no holes. Then place the bottom inside the box and cut the sides (that overhang) off.

3) You’ll use floral foam for this project, which can be purchased at Michael’s. Cut the foam so it fits nicely in the box. Before you place the foam inside the box, you’ll need to soak it in water until it becomes heavy and filled. Then place it inside the bag… like the picture above.


4) Be creative and use any flowers you love or that go with your event! In this photo I used green and white Chinese Spider Mums, as well as green filler. Once you have your flowers, just start playing! Floral foam is so fun because it allows you to organize the flowers just the way you want! Press the stems of the flowers into the foam and the flowers will feed from the water… the foam soaked up. By using floral foam you will have more control over the entire look of the centerpiece.


This trick, with the bag and floral foam, will work for just about anything… like a basket, shoe, hat!


Photo credit: Zan Passante via Sugar and Charm 
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2 responses to DIY Flowers…2

  1. December 9, 2010

    You make this look so easy, Eden. Thank you for the instructions. I shall add this to my list of Christmas projects…yayy!

    Best wishes,
    Madame Bonbon

  2. afc
    January 14, 2012

    Just a quick tip. I used to work at a flower shop. Another easy way to waterproof if you’re short on plastic bags or they just keep shower in to use Clear or Green Cellophane like you use for wrapping holiday goodies. 1 big sheet and you’re set!

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