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formal-table-settingrevtablesettingrevThis post might be considered a little boring (and sort of long) to some people, but I happen to believe table setting is VERY important to know, haha! It will also help to refresh my own memory of setting the table. I actually learned how to properly set a table in one of my college classes and I thought it was very useful. Here’s a little guide to help you brush up on your table-setting skills ; )


Please don’t mind the outdated napkin… I know you’ll think of a better way to display the napkin at your next dinner party! 


Here are a few tips: 
Dinner knife: Set to the right of the plate, always place the blade towards the dinner plate. 
Forks: Placed to the left of the plate. The larger one is for dinner and the smaller one is for salad.
Napkin: Placed on top of the dinner plate or to the left of the forks.
Spoons: Go to the right of the knife. You may only need one spoon on the table, unless soup is being served and in that case the soup spoon is the one on the far right. 
Salad plate: Place to the left of the forks.
Coffee mug and saucer: If coffee is served during dinner you can place the mug on the table, if not it’s okay to bring it out with dessert. 


To see more ways to set a table visit Emily Post’s Table Setting Guide.


These are delightful paper place-mats from Paper Source that would be perfect for kids! They come in a pack of 50 and would be darling at a tea party birthday or even just used during dinner to help your kids learn how to set a table!


Photo credit: Goredeanblog.com, Paper Source
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2 responses to Etiquette School… Table Setting 101

  1. November 4, 2010

    those place mats are so cute! why is paper source so amazing?!

  2. November 4, 2010

    MARA!!! I wish I could live in Paper Source… I LOVE it so much!! We could use these for our etiquette school… HAHA 😉

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