Photo Drink Sticks DIY!

These adorable drink sticks are guaranteed to be a smash at your party!
My friend, Marisa, is turning 30 and she’s having a PARTY on Saturday! She asked me to help her out with a few details for her big birthday bash. The first thing we did was create photo drink sticks with her cute, little face on them! I made these for a 40th birthday a year ago and they were the hit of the party.  Anytime someone orders a cocktail or a soda at the party, they’ll get a special surprise in their drink!


Card stock, bamboo sticks (cut a little taller than the glass), 1″ circle puncher and hot-glue.


Using Photoshop and a picture Marisa gave us, we removed the background around her face, brightened it up and printed 48 on one sheet of card stock. We also made “Marisa’s 30!” circles too!
I cut the bamboo sticks to the desirable size of our glass. Using a 1″ circle puncher, I punched out all the faces and the “Marisa’s 30!” Then with hot-glue, I glued a “Marisa’s 30!” to one side of the stick and her face on the other.
Photo credit: Sugar and Charm
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2 responses to Photo Drink Sticks DIY!

  1. February 11, 2011

    Hi Eden, my name’s Priscilla and I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’d like to tell you I just love your blog and site. You inspires me everyday!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas. I hope I could turn my hobbies into work… I would be sooo happy!

  2. February 11, 2011

    these are so fun. ps- i need your little scalloped hole punch! haha i’m buying some at michael’s this weekend.

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