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Snippet of Life: Costa Rica Part One


CostaRica_12CostaRica_15CostaRica_1CostaRica_4CostaRica_2CostaRica_11CostaRica_7 Costarica5CostaRica_3CostaRica_6CostaRica_5CostaRica_28CostaRica_10CostaRica_14CostaRica_38Wow, Costa Rica is more than I expected it to be! Full of adventure, wonderful people, amazing wildlife, nature and good food and drinks. Honestly, we’ve had so many amazing experiences (500 pictures to go along with them) so far and we’re only half way through our trip! It wasn’t a breeze getting here… we took a taxi, plane, shuttle, car, ferry, and then a beach cruiser before we arrived at our little paradise in the Nicoya Peninsula  ; ) We went zip-lining for the first time, which was such a rejuvenating feeling, we were almost attacked while alone in the jungle by white faced capuchin monkeys (I am so not kidding and I’ll share some video of that later), we’ve seen the largest lizard and smallest lizard in the world, along with the world’s fattest frog and a monkey threw a coconut on Zan’s head… it was awesome!! Oh and those little monkeys everyone thinks are so cute (which I guess they kind of are) are absolutely crazy and a bit scary too! Yes, they’re very amusing while watching them up in the tree, but if they come down to your level, watch out!! They steal, show their teeth, hiss and try to prove that they’re king of the jungle… Zan proved them wrong by whacking a stick on the ground and making a gorilla noise… they (as well as me) all scattered. I didn’t know my husband could be such a monkey king, haha!

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Picture captions:

Gorgeous CR beaches on the Nicoya peninsula
Delicious soft caramel ice cream in the shape of a 0 (“Cero” Spanish for zero)
They make a mojito with an alcohol called Guaro and it’s really good.. I was sad when my was gone!
Coconuts everywhere!
The town of Montezuma
Looking for monkeys
Best home-cooked meal… black beans, rice, fish and fresh fruit
share video and more pictures of these little guys later. They are not afraid to come close to you, a little too close for my comfort!

Photo Credit: My very talented husband, Zan Passante

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4 responses to Snippet of Life: Costa Rica Part One

  1. August 12, 2011

    eden your pictures are gorgeous! glad you and zan are having such a great time! i can’t wait to see the crazy monkey video 😉 keep having lots of fun!!!

  2. August 15, 2011

    aw how fun! It looks like you two are having the BEST time! Matthew and I need to go with you next time! Stay safe and drink lots more Guaros 🙂

  3. August 19, 2011

    Oh how beautiful! You and the scenery! Loving those super cute dresses!

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