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Romeo and I went to Ohio to visit our family. I grew up going to Ohio every summer to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins and I have wonderful memories of my childhood there. It was a nice break from the city for both Romeo and me! We went apple picking, which was so amazing! The apple trees looked wicked (they really did!) and the apples were juicy and plump. They served delicious homemade doughnuts too! We also watched my cousin’s horseback riding lessons and Romeo was able to pet a horse for the first time. He also played with a puppy too! We went antique shopping and I enjoyed late night talks with my aunt while we sipped wine. Romeo got to meet more cousins and I was able to spend time with my sister, as well as my little goddaughter… She’s holding the apple above. I really love Ohio and the midwest. The air was crisp as fall is creeping in and Romeo and I went on morning walks to the local coffee shop.


The neighborhoods are quiet and the houses are so charming. It’s definitely a different lifestyle than we live here, but I think I crave it sometimes as it reminds me of my home in Northern California. You really slow down and enjoy the small things when you’re in the country. I try to do that in LA too, but sometimes it’s stressful to even go to the store! I can’t wait to take Romeo to Ohio in the summer so he can experience what I did growing up. Next time we’re packing Zanny with us too : )


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2 responses to snippets from ohio

  1. September 28, 2012

    great photos!

  2. September 28, 2012

    I love Ohio! I’m from California too, but I’ve lived in Ohio for awhile now and I’ve really grown to love the Midwest. I hope you got to try some Jenni’s ice cream!

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