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How many of you went apple picking this year (aside from getting an iphone ; ))? I went when we were in Ohio and had such a great time! I came home and researched places to apple pick in Southern California and luckily, we do have some “u-pick” apple farms! I thought it would be a fantastic way to spend a beautiful afternoon with friends on the farm picking apples, eating donuts and sipping on a little spiked cider. I put together some inspiration for hosting your own apple picking social. Once you have all of your apples, you can make delicious recipes like this and this. Oh the joy I get from such a simple thing like sitting down with a cup of cider and homemade apple cake… Love this time of year.


1. Apple picking and donuts just seem to go hand in hand… not even sure why, but they do and I’m totally fine with that. So grab a box of delicious donuts on your way to the farm for your friends and don’t forget to pack some cute napkinsfor sticky hands.
2. Williams-Sonoma has a really rich and tasty cider out that’s easy to pack. Bring some vodka in a flask (ha!) and make some spiked cider to sip on (in the cool red mug!) while you pick.
3. I absolutely love the GATHER tote from Shop Terrain. Perfect for picking a myriad of apples : )
4. As a little treat, give your friends some mulling spices and an apple core so they can go home and make their own cider.
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3 responses to apple picking social inspiration

  1. November 6, 2012

    So awesome! Fall love!

  2. November 7, 2012

    There is a big apple farm near by our home, they do apple picking function in every year so I used to go there. It is really fun also they show different type of recipes by using apple as an ingredient.

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