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I mentioned last week that I wanted to share my DIY gift bags I made for my sister’s 30th. The process is pretty easy and they’re great as party favors! The part that takes the most time is cutting out the design with an X-Acto knife, so if your design isn’t too complex, this project is a breeze : ) They make fun gift bags for out of town guests and with the holidays coming up, I’m sure you all have many house guests coming in and out!



Print the design out on regular paper. It can be someone’s name, a welcome note, a design… whatever you want! Pull 3 sheets of freezer paper (1 sheet makes 1 stencil for 1 bag) off of the roll and place them under the design, shiny side down. Tape them all, including the design to a cutting board so it doesn’t move when you’re tracing the design.

With an X-Acto knife, cut the design out. It will also cut the design into the freezer paper as well.
Once the design is fully cut out, save the little pieces like the inside of an “O” or “B,” etc. You can iron these onto the bag.
Freezer paper has a small amount of wax on one side (shiny side) that adheres to the bag when ironed on. This makes a great stencil to use when painting. Remember to add the little pieces like the inside of the “e” and “B” and iron them as well.
Once that’s done, I used Martha Stewart Multi-Surface paint and I used a sponge to stencil it on. I also used a small paint brush for the areas that needed a little extra paint. Let it dry and then peel off the paper. Your design will look beautiful : )
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3 responses to diy personalized gift bags

  1. Anonymous
    November 19, 2012

    these are so darling, thanks for the instructions! im new here and love your blog. thank you! sharon

  2. November 21, 2012

    I love to make this bag. Thanks for your instructions.

  3. Amy
    February 8, 2013

    Great post. Do you think this process would work for wall stenciling?

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