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San Francisco Part Two

Paid a little visit to Miette… I’ll have a full post on this next week : )


Breakfast of champs...
Our adventure continued in San Francisco with a visit to Plow for brunch, which was incredible! The lemon ricotta pancakes were the best I’ve ever had. I’m working on making my own! I loved the decor of Plow too. The yellow door is so inviting and inside it’s bright with a lot of rustic wood and thick crown molding. We had dinner at Seven Hills (amazing!!) and stopped by Miette to take some photos for a new blog series that I’ll write more about later. That has to be one of the most charming bakeries and sweet shops around! On Sunday, my family drove to the city from Sonoma, with sandwiches packed, for a picnic on the beach. We had a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge and snapped way too many pictures of Romeo and Sawyer together. Jenna and I have pictures of us together as babies and I can’t believe we’re now taking pictures of our boys together! They’ll look back on those one day and laugh! We didn’t get to go to nearly all of the places on our list! We’re going back in May and I’m looking forward to trying Burma Superstar and Outerlands among many others!! I’ll write a San Francisco tourist guide after out next visit. ; )
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5 responses to San Francisco Part Two

  1. Heather
    February 27, 2013

    Hi Eden! I love your blog. It’s so well-designed, lovely, and beautifully written and photographed. I look forward to all your new posts. Does your husband take all your photos or do you? They are amazing. What kind of camera/cameras do you use?

    1. Zan
      February 28, 2013

      Hey Heather!! Thanks so much for the kind words and support! Eden will eventually reply, but I figured I would jump into the convo! haha I do take a lot of the photos, although E is getting pretty handy snappin’ away! It’s been a passion of mine for a few years and I can give advice about it for hours – she loves that, lemme tell ya 😉 I use a Canon 5D Mark III. I’ll say though, it’s not always the camera that makes all the difference. To me it’s first the photographer 🙂 then the lenses!! Lenses make a huge difference in the look. I’m mostly a primes guy, so for the blog, we use a Canon 85mm L , a Canon 100mm L and a Zeiss 35mm 1.4. They’re all super solid lenses. I can tell you more if you want!! Just let me know and I can send you an email if you ever have other questions. Thanks again for the sweet props, I know E really appreciates getting comments from you awesome readers!!

  2. February 27, 2013

    I can’t believe I didn’t know about Plow and their amazing brunch! I’ll just have to rectify that this weekend! Thanks for the info

  3. February 28, 2013

    Your pics are always so bright and inviting!! Romeo and Sawyer look adorable together.

    Zan – thanks for the info on the camera/lenses. Always interesting to get some insight into the magic 🙂

    Maria xx

    1. Zan
      February 28, 2013

      Thanks Maria! Totally appreciate it and any time!! 🙂

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