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Recently I’ve been doing a few interviews for blogs and online magazines and one question that comes up often is, “How do you balance it all?” I always try to give an honest answer, which is pretty much we take it day by day. I know I’m incredibly lucky that I’m able to be a work-from-home mom. I really feel like I’m living my dream of having my own career, but raising my baby too. It doesn’t come without its struggles. When I lay Romeo down at 7pm I feel like one job for the day is done and then I end up opening my laptop to finish my second job. Finding a balance isn’t always easy. I definitely have to be disciplined to shut everything down and just watch a movie with my husband or read a book. Sometimes, I try to organize or clean. I honestly, could work 20 hours a day on my blog and other projects because I love it, but I have to remember my family comes first! What do you do to help shut off work when you’re working from home?

Speaking of balancing work and a family… I’ve been having a hard time finding a balance with working and also having a healthy dinner on the table. After a long day of business, the last thing I want to do is dirty up my kitchen. I was excited when these healthy one-pan recipes came into my inbox! I’m going to try a few out this next week.
It’s a cocktail at every lunch kind of week…  this Sparkling Sangria would’ve been a nice addition : )
I saw these on Etsy and love! I want to order one now!

Before we launch the new blog site (so excited!!), I want to put together a survey like this one Nicole did… of course she made hers so lovely : )

Ahhh Paris. I need you in my life again. SMP launched SMP Living and I’m in love.
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2 responses to charming friday links

  1. marie
    March 8, 2013

    cute clutches!! thanks and have a nice weekend 😉

  2. March 9, 2013

    Wouldn’t mind a sparkling sangria now, actually! Thanks for the share. 🙂

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