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In the Mix with Carmela Ice Cream




IntheMixCarmelaIceCream5Flavors like Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, Earl Gray and Guinness are  what grabbed my attention when reading about this charming ice cream shop that had just opened a new location on Third Street in Los Angeles. Carmela is a bright and airy ice cream parlor, scooping up artisan flavors (in the most beautiful waffle bowls ever!) using organic dairy and local ingredients from Farmers Markets. The thing I loved so much about the ice cream was that you can actually taste the flavors right away! With every bite I found myself saying, “Ohh that IS Guinness ice cream!” The  flavors are very present in the ice cream, but not overbearing at all. They’re simply perfect. I’m now second guessing my usual plain chocolate choice! And oh, those waffle bowls… it’s like waffle heaven. Handmade daily, printed with a perfect little flower and then filled with a delectable ice cream flavor… does it get any better? Jessica, the owner and genius behind Carmela, took some time to chat with us and told me a little about her story. She is a self-taught ice cream maker and she started Carmela out of her home, selling at Farmers Markets before opening her first location in Pasadena. She is also a mom of three… what? My mouth actually dropped. How does she do it? I have just one and run a business from home and think it’s challenging at times. How she manages to run a family, make amazing ice cream and operate two shopsIntheMixCarmelaIceCream6 is very inspirational! Thank you Jessica for allowing us to stop by Carmela! What a treat!
Photos by the talented Kimberly Genevieve! 




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4 responses to In the Mix with Carmela Ice Cream

  1. Kristin
    April 16, 2013

    Eden! Your new website is amazing!!! Everything is just beautiful! And i’m really loving your in the mix series. I just wish I lived closer to try all these yummy spots. That ice cream shop is too cute!

  2. These posts are my fav. Can’t get enough of these lovely bakeries and bistros!

  3. April 19, 2013

    This place is adorable! I wish I could visit. What yummy sounding flavors… Orange vanilla bean… like a creamsicle! I also just want to say, I LOVE those adorable overalls!!

  4. Aunt Bern
    November 3, 2013

    everything looks deliciousssss especially something with fluff nutter in it my favorite. Eden your website is the best Ihave ever seen. If I can help with or receipes just give me a call.

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