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In the Mix with Deluscious Cookies + Milk




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I discovered Deluscious Cookies when I was working at the W Hollywood Residences. I was making gift bags for an event and we dropped one of the most amazing, individually wrapped cookies inside each bag. I was so wishing there to be extras because the look and aroma of these cookies and not eating one was pretty tough, ha! Deluscious Cookies and Milk is Hollywood’s little (and incredibly yummy) secret. They deliver fresh baked, gourmet cookies and milk (in old fashioned jars!) to some of Hollywood’s top filmmakers, celebrities and studios. And after tasting almost every cookie they make, I get why they’re known as the “celebrity” cookie. We met up with owner Lydia to get a little sneak peek inside the office and kitchen of Deluscious Cookies! Lydia is a self-taught baker… I know! Her passion for making cookies shines the minute you meet her. She’s warm, caring and incredibly sweet and I can tell that all of those attributes go into each and every cookie that comes out of Deluscious. I love that the cookies are each unique… not every cookie is the same texture or shape. They are all very different. Some are flat, some are rich and dense and others resemble a more classic cookie look. The reason for this is when Lydia comes up with a new cookie, she let’s the cookie shape itself and focuses on the savory flavors within it. So don’t throw out those yummy “flat” cookies if they taste good! She also created the absolute best vegan cookie I’ve ever tasted… I was beyond impressed and Zan savored every bite! A few of my favorite flavors are the longtime fave chocolate decadent and also cinnamon brulee. Since Deluscious is a cookie delivery company they can ship anywhere in the US and overseas! A beautifully wrapped box filled with gourmet cookies would be a perfect gift for anyone! Or mom if you still need to order a gift! They ship overnight ; ) Thanks Lydia for your “sweet” welcome and allowing us to experience cookie heaven!!


Photos by Kimberly Genevieve 
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4 responses to In the Mix with Deluscious Cookies + Milk

  1. Kristin
    May 9, 2013

    Yum! The cinnamon brûlée sounds so good! Ps- I love how easy it is to leave comments now!! 🙂

    1. Eden
      May 9, 2013

      Kristin!! That’s good to know that it’s easier. We’re trying to figure out why comments have dropped on the new site! For some reason I thought it might be harder for people! Thank you for your continued support 😉

  2. Oh my goodness! Those cookies look heavenly!

  3. Aah…those cookies do look delicious! Love the packaging they use. I would happily receive a box like this full of cookies 😉

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