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PrettyCocktailsHey all! We’ll be working on the house this weekend getting everything in order before our big move-in date. The wood floors were put in last week and they’ll be sanded and stained this weekend. The house is getting painted (inside only, outside is staying ugly pistachio green for a few more months), new toilets are being put in by… ahem Zan (that’s a given!) and major cleaning is on our to-do list. Our apartment is a kid’s dream jungle gym with brown cardboard boxes everywhere and Romeo is having a blast crawling up, down and around them. Zan on the other hand has OCD when it comes to organization, so he’s not having as much fun with the mess as Romes is. I keep reassuring him that everything will be back in order shortly ; ) And as I’m packing, I’m regretting that I have collected countless cake stands. My obsession for cake stands is coming to bite me in the butt! Okay, we’ll leave it at that. Amongst the craziness, I always create time to find charming things around the web… enjoy and happy, happpppppy Friday!

Entertain outside! Beautiful inspiration for a simple outdoor brunch. The photo of the cocktails (on the right) is from this shoot!

In honor of today being National Donut Day, my friend Jen sent me this link. It’s marketed as a silly product, but obviously it’s kind of genius! Possibilities are endless…

Dying, dying, dying to see this movie!! It’s only playing at the Arclight in Hollywood, but I think I’ll go next week. Love nostalgic movies like these and the reviews are amazing.

If you have an awesome photo of you and your dad, DeLuscious Cookies and Milk are giving away a delivery for a very special box of cookies for Father’s Day! Like their Facebook page and submit a photo of you and your dad. It’s a pretty great Father’s Day gift receiving a box of some of the most amazing cookies!! Just a note: They didn’t not pay or even ask me to link this, I saw it and thought it was a cool giveaway to pass along to you guys!

Have any of you started watching The American Baking Competition? It’s a sweet, heartfelt baking show and I’m obsessed!

Some great weekend menu ideas from Pilar Guzman, Editor of Martha Stewart Living.

Need ideas for dad? Check out Apartment 34’s Fab Father’s Day Guide. I think Zan would dig quite a few of those items.

Photo Credit: White Loft Studio 

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2 responses to Charming Friday Links

  1. June 9, 2013

    I’m so happy to hear that you are getting things ready for your move-in date! And I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the thought you put into your posts even though you are incredibly busy with moving! It’s inspiring.

    at Substance and Soul,

    1. Eden
      June 9, 2013

      Thank you Samantha for such a sweet comment!! I appreciate it and I’m happy I’m happy to inspire! Can’t wait to post pics of the house and remodel! XOXO

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