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FirecrackerFlowers3 FirecrackerFlowers2Happy 4th of July week! I’m excited to share with you the most amazing 4th of July florals, created by the talented Samantha of Primary Petals. We call them Firecracker Flowers because they’re made and installed to look like a booming firecracker, how cool is that?! We hung the florals from invisible string (aka fishing wire!) and they looked absolutely stunning floating in midair. The flowers were fantastic and made such a statement and they’re pretty much the perfect centerpiece for any 4th of July party!

You can make these by using a round floral ball or a round floral ball cage. For the little red firecracker flowers, Samantha spray painted them and then tied fishing wire to the top to hang them.

Hope you’re inspired to make your own! Be creative and have fun with it!














































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2 responses to Firecracker Florals

  1. Kristin
    July 1, 2013

    so pretty!!!

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