French Movie Night: Sprucing up disposable tableware


HerbPlates1HerbPlates4DIYNapkinFlowers1 DIYNapkinFlowers2This post is sponsored by Chinet 

Bonjour! In honor of our French-inspired girls cocktail and movie night, sponsored by Chinet, we’re giving you the low down on how to create a chic party using disposable tableware, simple decorations and some delicious and easy recipes! We all love to entertain, but sometimes cleaning up the “after mess” can be draining, especially after prepping for days! Using disposable dinnerware and throwing it in a recycle bin at the end of the night feels amazing after a night of entertaining! Today we’re showing you how to spruce up a simple clear plate and a white paper napkin, bringing elegance to the party. We came up with a fun way to add a little charm to clear disposable plates by adding some fresh, pressed herbs from our herb garden and simply taping them to the back. To press the herbs we placed them in a heavy book overnight. To adhere the herbs to the plate, we used a decorative tape because we wanted it to have an intentional “taped” look. You can also use clear decoupage glue if you don’t want the taped look. Either way it’s a beautiful and simple way to decorate the plates. It’s not a party without a few decorations, so we made paper flowers using Chinet dinner napkins. They look adorable and I don’t feel guilty throwing them away at the end of the party.

Stay tuned this week to see the movie night come together!

Napkin Flowers
1. Unfold the napkin
2. Fringe each side of the napkin
3. Cut it in half
4. Accordion fold each half
5. Cut the ends off… try to get all of the folded edges
6. Tie in the middle with twine
7. Puff out the flower by pulling the pieces apart to make it look like a flower

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