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MyRomeoSometimes I feel like I don’t share enough about the one person that brings me an immense amount of joy every single day. My passion is this site, creating and sharing simple ideas and ways to add charm to everyday life. But my true joy and happiness is this boy right here, my Romeo. Everything I do is for him and my family. It’s amazing when you become a parent how much you change. All of my actions are different and I now look at everyone as someone’s baby. I guess having a son of my own makes me realize how much I want this world to be kind to him because he’s the closest thing to my heart. I want to treat people the way I would want him to be treated. I think every parent wants this for their child, but for some reason we fail so hard at it. For parents, it seems so simple, treat people the way you want your child to be treated, right? Romeo has made me think and act differently than I did two years ago. He’s made me work harder for what I want in life and taught me to truly cherish every day. I try to make sure he feels love and affection every moment I can. If he walks up to me, tugging at my dress saying “momma, mom, mama, mommy” I stop what I’m doing, kneel to his level and give him my full attention. Most of the time he just wants a little snuggle and a “coooo-kie.” Who knew (besides every parent in the world) that you can change so much in just 16 months. Romeo, even though you’re the cutest, bossy, little thing, you and your papa are truly the best part of my life.

These photos are from this past weekend in wine country. Captured by my hubby Zan Passante.

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3 responses to My Romeo

  1. Kaylie
    September 23, 2013

    What a precious post and pictures! You’re both gorgeous and made me smile 🙂

    1. Eden
      September 23, 2013

      Thank you Kaylie!! Your comment made me smile!! 🙂

  2. September 24, 2013

    Oh how I love these pics and this post. You are right — having a baby changes everything in the best way possible! You are doing a great job prioritizing, mama. Olive and Romeo need to meet! <3 xoxo

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