Happy Halloween!


HappyHalloween Happy Halloween, Charmers! Since it’s the first Halloween in our new house, I wanted to do something special for the kids who stop by trick-or-treating. I asked Zan if he had any ideas and he thought it would be cool to snap a quick picture of them dressed up in their cute costumes with our Fujifilm Instax Mini as a keepsake for them to take! It prints out credit card size pictures and we used it for our guestbook at our wedding 5 years ago! It wasn’t even available in the USA then so we ordered it from China! Luckily, it’s available now so we were able to get film for it. So the kids will get a little extra treat when they stop by the Passante’s tonight! Romeo, the cookie, will be handing out the candy while we snap some pics then we’re off to a Halloween party while Romeo stays home with grandma (the real one, not a sitter in a costume!). Have a wonderful and safe night everyone!

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  1. Pops
    November 2, 2013

    What a great idea! Next year, your home will be a favorite destination, I predict (what with all the kids on their smart phones alerting others to the hot spots!)

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