My Copper Obsession


S&C_Copper_Board_v2Something about this time of year brings out my love for all things copper! Last year we did this baking board with copper on my mind and now I’m sharing a few very charming items I’ve been swooning over! Copper items look stunning sitting out and make a warm presentation. The copper tape is on my list for gift wrapping and a few craft projects this year. I’m also secretly (not so secretly) wishing that copper whisk will show up in my stocking. I think I’ve been good enough : )


2. Mugs, perfect for Moscow Mules.

3. Tray

4. Sauce pot

5. Measuring cups

6. Whisk

7. Soap Dispenser Top


9. Tape

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2 responses to My Copper Obsession

  1. sharon
    October 15, 2013

    i agree, copper is so warm and cozy. hahaha, your comment that you’ve been “good enough” made me laugh.

  2. October 15, 2013

    I want everything! I’ll be using that tape for my gift wrapping too, but I’m hoping those measuring cups end up in my stocking 😉

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