Trick-or-Treating Tradition


TrickORTreat1Growing up, I always looked forward to trick-or-treating with my cousins and siblings each Halloween. Dressed up in our costumes we would head out right before it turned dark to let the sugar fest begin. It was usually raining, but that just added to the fun. We would skip the occasional creepy house that had scary decorations and usually opt for the houses with a few cute Jack-o-lanterns. When we got home, we’d create awesome candy houses and trade the candy we didn’t like. I absolutley love the tradition of going door to door and trick-or-treating. It’s such an exciting night that only happens once a year – neighbors open their doors and participate in a tradition that dates back to the medieval times! All to create fun memories and traditions for kids. Sometimes I worry when I see signs like trunk or treat or people just trick-or-treating at the mall that this tradition is very slowly fading because parents are nervous about going to strangers’ houses and getting candy. The dangers of trick-or-treating are always debunked…people aren’t out to poison the candy they give your children! I guess I feel like if you know your community, your neighbors and of course take extra precaution walking the streets then I don’t see the need to opt out of trick-or-treating to go to a parking lot and trunk or treat. It seems a little depressing! I can’t imagine Romeo not having the fun and exciting memories of trick-or-treating in his neighborhood like we did growing up. What do you all think?

Also, here are a few links to some trick-or-treating articles:

Top 5 trick-or-treating scenes in cinematic history! I love this!

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Outdoor Halloween decorations for your front door.

We would always watch a family friendly Halloween movie after trick-or-treating. This is a great list of Halloween movies for all ages.

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2 responses to Trick-or-Treating Tradition

  1. October 24, 2013

    I have fond memories of trick-or-treating as a kid, too! We are definitely taking Olive to enjoy this tradition this year. 😉

    1. Eden
      October 28, 2013

      Me too!! I can’t imagine not taking Romeo trick-or-treating! I get to relive it again, ahah 🙂

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