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TheBestHoseEverWe’re getting ready for our Sugar and Charm Cookies and Cocktail holiday party and toy drive tomorrow benefitting Baby2Baby! Since, I’m behind from a crazy week there’s only one Charming Friday Link today, haha! For some odd reason, when our house was built in the 50’s they put the water spout and gas meter smack in the front of the house. Right next to the front door and it’s an eyesore to say the least. I figured I would cover the gas meter with giant pots, but I couldn’t figure out what to do with the hose until I saw this golden hose and antler holder from Garden Glory! The only problem is they’re only sold in Sweden! I wrote the company to get the estimated US price and shipping cost and they informed me that they’re launching in the US spring 2014! It’s kind of pricey but we’ll see what the exact cost is once they launch. I think it’s such a cool hose and holder and I’m looking forward to browsing their US online store.

There are a million holiday parties this weekend, so I hope everyone has a fun and safe time!

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