DIY Twig Antler Plaques


Antlers1Antlers5Antlers2Antlers6Antlers8You’re going to love these DIY twig antler plaques! Using wooden plaques and twigs gathered from a nature walk, we made this cool wall decor that adds a creative, rustic feel to my office space. We made 5 DIY twig antlers to hang together, but one or two would look great hanging above a bar or an open space that’s calling for some attention. And the best part is that no deer were harmed in the making of these! ; ) Read below for the how-to.

Wooden plaques in different sizes and shapes. I bought them at Michaels Arts and Crafts.
Spray paint (in whatever colors you prefer)
Sticks that resemble antlers
Wall hanging hardware
Wood glue and hot glue

Spray paint each wooden plaque using your desired color. I chose white, gold, black and gray.
Install the wall hanger onto the back of the plaque.
Drill a hole (large enough for the stick to go in) halfway through the wood. Do not drill all the way through.
Add a touch of wood glue inside the hole. Then secure it with hot glue.
Let it dry for 12 hours before hanging.

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