Kissing 2013 Goodbye!


NewYear2012_1NewYear2012_2NewYear2012_5NewYear2012_4NewYear2012_7NewYear2012_6newyears_8We’re kissing 2013 goodbye! It was a fantastic year for our family and Sugar and Charm, but I’m ready to start a fresh year, create new memories and set exciting goals. I love the anticipation of what 2014 has in store. I can’t thank you all enough for the amazing support, interaction and friendship. I appreciate you visiting the site, sending feedback and being the reason why I started the site in the first place. You make it all worth it and it’s been a blast getting to know many of you and we definitely wouldn’t be here without you, so thank you. Before we sign off, I wanted to share a few pictures from our New Year’s Eve party last year because it was such a blast! Filled with friends, good food, mini-apple martinis, a photo booth, sweets and a Champagne countdown. Even though we’re in NYC right now we’re avoiding Times Square (seriously chaotic) and celebrating low key with an early Italian dinner, a delicious homemade cake (recipe to follow soon) and some family time by the fire. Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and charming New Year’s Eve! Happy 2014!

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3 responses to Kissing 2013 Goodbye!

  1. December 31, 2013

    Happy New Year, Eden, Zan and Romeo! 🙂

  2. January 1, 2014

    Happy New Year, doll!! xoxo

  3. katy
    January 10, 2014

    Happy New Year! May this year be your best year yet! 🙂

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