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LA With Kids: Santa Barbara Zoo


LAWithKids_SantaBarbaraZoo_5LAWithKids_SantaBarbaraZoo_8LAWithKids_SantaBarbaraZoo_4LAWithKids_SantaBarbaraZoo_2LAWithKids_SantaBarbaraZoo_1LAWithKids_SantaBarbaraZoo_10LAWithKids_SantaBarbaraZoo_3LAWithKids_SantaBarbaraZoo_9LAWithKids_SantaBarbaraZoo_6LAWithKids_SantaBarbaraZoo_12 LAWithKids_SantaBarbaraZoo_11Even though Santa Barbara is a little over an hour away and not in LA, I couldn’t resist sharing my favorite SoCal zoo on here. The Santa Barbara Zoo is totally worth the drive as it’s truly a very special zoo and perfect for children. It’s one of the most beautiful zoos in the world and has been rated many times as the country’s best small zoo. I have to agree that it is the most gorgeous, lush, boutique zoo I’ve ever visited. When I describe it to friends, I say it feels like taking a walk through a stunning park, but with exotic animals all around. There are countless activities for children, including a mini hill that’s equipped with flattened cardboard boxes to slide down with! By the giraffe feeding area, you can see the ocean majestically peeking through the trees. There’s also a classic red train that chugs around the zoo and a really great dinosaur show on the lawn. It’s cute to see Romeo notice all of the animals now. He was very fond of the penguins and as we were walking away yelled back, “Penguinsssss, I wuuuuuv you!” I about died, giving him a million kisses because he’s such a sweet boy! I can’t wait to take him there over and over again and maybe even host a birthday party one year! If you’re in the area, definitely stop by the zoo. You won’t be disappointed!

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