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3 Charming Ways to Serve Water


waterboardHonestly, do you like drinking water or do you have to force yourself to drink it throughout the day? I’m in the middle. I like it, but I enjoy it when it’s lightly flavored with cucumber, lemon or something that adds a fresh twist to it. When I have people over I always add herbs or fruit to the water I serve. It looks much prettier on the table and of course, adds color and a nice subtle flavor. In my everyday life (haha) I like to keep cucumber water in the fridge to drink. Just adding herbs like mint or fruit such as berries or citrus instantly creates a freshness to the water it kind of (I’m going to say it) lacks! It also makes a pitcher of water prettier when sitting on a table. We came up with 3 easy ways to add a little charm to your water. Blackberry  Thyme, Rosemary  Cucumber and Pineapple Mint. They’re all SO good that I can’t pick a favorite! Try them out and let me now what you think!

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