Creating the Perfect Home Floral Studio


After spotting these gorgeous floral spaces I’m on a mission to complete a beautiful home floral studio.  Finding a small space that can be transformed into a creative environment is something that can easily be achieved! Even if it’s a garage, an area in a washroom or a small shed outside. You don’t need a lot of space — just a long table, some great shelving and preferably a wash sink, but that’s not a requirement. What is required are just some good tunes, buckets of flowers, beautiful vases and an abundance of creativity! If you’ve never been lost in the art of flower arranging, try it. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do.

Chair: Shop Terrain

Chicken wire light: Barn Light Electric 

Side table plant stand: Shop Terrain

Encyclopedia of flowers: Shop Terrain

Floral scissors: Brookfarm General Store

Twine: Brookfarm General Store

Campaign desk: World Market 

Tall galvanized bucket

Photo Credit:Nicole FranzenEnjoy Events Co. Photo by Cooper Carras,  Sarah Winward’s Studio

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