15 Ways to Live Like a Centenarian


centenarianWhen Zan and I visited Costa Rica a few years ago, we stayed in the Nicoya Peninsula region which is considered one of the 5 demographic Blue Zones. A Blue Zone is an area where they have the most living centenarians, people who live over 100. On our trip, we truly learned the importance of living simply, being outdoors and staying active. It was one of the first vacations we left feeling healthier than when we arrived!! Ever since, I’ve had a desire to research areas where people live a long healthy life and to find simple tips on doing so. These are things that almost everyone can do, regardless of money or status. From what I’ve read, it’s not about taking a million vitamins, downing protein shakes or obsessing over special diets. It’s mostly about how you feel inside, not stressing, living for a purpose, being content and living simply. It’s funny because we bought our house last year and I told Zan that although I absolutely love our little ranch house, I felt no different after moving in and definitely less stressed living in our cozy apartment… simple times I tell you! I try to implement these 15 steps, inspired by Centenarians,  into my life and I’m very happy we made this chart for a constant reminder. Hope you all enjoy!

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