5 Awesome Chicken Coops


I’ve been thinking about buying (or building!) a chicken coop since we moved into our home last summer. The only reason I’ve been holding off is because we’re wanting to revamp our backyard, so I want to do everything at the same time. But I’ve been pinning and looking at chicken coops this past year… there are so many charming ones! Yes chicken coops can be charming! I also bought a few books on raising chickens and building coops. Apparently a chicken coop on wheels is great for smaller yards since you can move it around and it’s off the ground to protect the chickens. I’ve also read that before building a coop, if it’s not on concrete, to put chicken wire on the ground under it to keep little critters out! Have any of you built chicken coops or have any tips? Below are 5 awesome chicken coops that have inspired me!

1. How adorable is this small wooden coop with a chic tin roof? You can buy it at Williams-Sonoma.

2. Heather’s incredible farm style white coop has always been a favorite. You can buy plans for this one!

3. The Art of Doing Stuff shared their modern black coop and I’m in love. I mean, the chickens have their own lantern!

4. A rustic reclaimed chicken coop from Williams-Sonoma. I love the chicken art on the side.

5. The versatility of this modern coop on wheels is what grabbed my attention. It’s a great concept, I think I would paint it white and change a few of the details. But I love the idea.

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7 responses to 5 Awesome Chicken Coops

  1. Ellen
    May 14, 2014

    So cute!! Didn’t know chicken coops could be so darn adorable. Free fresh eggs is never a bad thing

  2. These are so cool. We tried chickens last year. A hawk got to them. One of these would be perfect!

  3. May 18, 2014

    Wow, some of these chicken coops seem bigger than my house. My husband built ours from scratch. We’ve moved it around a couple of times, but our chickens free range in the backyard and only go in there to sleep and lay eggs. He makes it seem easy.

    1. Eden
      May 21, 2014

      I think I would build one too, I love these for inspiration! I’m still on the fence about getting chickens are not. Do you love having them?

  4. May 30, 2014

    I bought one and we ended up having to build a whole fence/cage whatever for it as it wasn’t nearly animal-predator proof enough. Build without a doubt if you can.

    1. Eden
      May 31, 2014

      Thanks Melissa! As I’m reading more, I’m realizing that they truly need to be protected… predators will even dig under the ground to get into the cage! Eeek!!I’m thinking about starting with one… haha!!

      1. Louise
        September 14, 2014

        I grew up on a chicken & rabbit farm, both of which we raised for meat. Our chickens (150-175/year) ranged during the day and were closed up at night in their coop, which was raised about 4-5 foot off the ground. The wire around their “range area” was 8-foot of 2-inch chicken wire buried a foot in the ground along with rabbit wire, which was connected to the chicken wire a foot above ground and buried two foot below ground; hardware cloth would also probably work for the rabbit wire & I think is less expensive. Kept the critters out! Ten to twelve of the chickens were laying hens, as we also sold eggs. We also had 6 breeding does (rabbits) and two bucks and they were kept in cages with large nesting boxes raised about 5 foot off the ground and encased in rabbit wire.
        Thank you for the opportunity to reminisce about a simpler time so long ago.

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