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Charming Friday Links: Charleston South Carolina


CharlestonSCZan and I are headed on a trip to explore Charleston this next week! I’m extremely excited as I’ve heard Charleston is just about the most charming place you can visit in the US. It was rated the number one city in the US by Conde Nast Travelers and number 5 in the world! I’m looking forward to fueling my healthy Southern obsession. What it is about the south?! We’re renting a car, so we’re going to soak in the countryside as well. I have a feeling I’ll fall in love with a few Southern country homes with large porches and long oak tree-lined streets. If any of you have recommendations or must-see places or activities please let me know! Below are a few charming Charleston-related links I’ve gathered while making our travel plans.

Before traveling I always try to find local blogs or travel posts in the area we’re traveling to. I love Olivia Rae James‘ posts on Charleston and her blog in general is very cool.

Chassity from Look Linger Love has an awesome Charleston guide and very charming site!

Of course when it comes to deciding which restaurants we want to try we trust Bon Appetit and Food & Wine’s 48-hour cheat sheet.

Did you know that the past 2 years in a row Charleston has been in Travel + Leisures top 10 cities in the world?! The only one in the US!

Along with all of the incredible restaurants, I’m really looking forward to grabbing a drink at The Gin Joint!

LOVE reading Huffington Post’s article on the 25 Reasons You Must Visit Charleston, South Carolina Immediately.

This place is right up my alley! You know I’ll be stopping in for some yummy treats.

While we’re visiting, the Spoleto Festival will being going on, which is an internationally recognized preforming arts festival. We might catch a show.

Enjoyed this short story on Smithsonia about growing up in Charleston…

I like the decor of Leon’s Oyster Shop, hoping we can make a pit stop!

I stumbled upon this gorgeous Charleston wedding shot by Jose Villa… fell in love. Talk about Southern elegance!

I adore this charming Southern home designed by Charleston interior designer Angie Hranowsky. You can see more of Angie’s colorful work here!

Tips on creating a must-have Southern dining room from Southern Living.

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10 responses to Charming Friday Links: Charleston South Carolina

  1. May 30, 2014

    I just returned from a weekend trip there for a wedding & I cannot. wait. to go back!! it’s an absolute dream! I also can’t [but kinda can] believe that it’s on the top ten cities in the world!! Enjoy it! Can’t wait to see your photos!

    1. Eden
      May 30, 2014

      Ali! Do you have any recommendations for must-see places?! Let me know! I’m very excited to go!

  2. May 31, 2014

    Can’t wait to see how you enjoyed your travels! I have no doubt your photos will be swoon-worthy! I passed through Charleston about 15 years ago and loved it. Wish I could have spent more time there. I remember buying a rose woven from their local grass from a street vendor in a park, I think it’s called sweet grass? So talented!

    1. Eden
      May 31, 2014

      Just looked up sweetgrass… very cool! I’ll try to buy a souvenir for our home. They seem to make some cool baskets with it too! Thanks for the tip!

  3. May 31, 2014

    You must go over to Sullivan’s Island, walk along the beach (at low tide the shore is as least 1/4 mile long) and grab a burger at Poe’s- amazing! Downtown my favorite places to eat dinner are Cru Cafe, The Grocery, Fish, and Taco Boy is fun, great drinks and more casual! Great places for drinks are definitely Gin Joint (I recommend doing the two word combination and having the bartender throw something together- they are AMAZGING!), Warehouse on Upper King, and the Rarebit is famous for their Moscow Mules they have them on tap! There are so many great places to go it’s hard to name them all, even when you live here! Have fun!

    1. Eden
      May 31, 2014

      Katie!! Thank you SOOO much for these amazing tips! We’re definitely going to Poe’s! AND you better believe I’ll be getting a Moscow Mule on tap (I didn’t know about Rarebit) – I’m seriously so excited!!Thanks for the lunch recommendations too! xo

  4. Ruthie
    June 2, 2014
  5. June 3, 2014

    Enjoy your trip to Charleston! We love it here!!

  6. Pam
    June 5, 2014

    I highly recommend the short drive to the Cypress Gardens. It was originally a rice plantation. My husband and I went on our own swamp boat and still talk about it. A number of movies have been filmed there and the scenery and trees are breathtaking. Worth a look!

  7. Jenna
    June 11, 2014

    Hi girly,

    I’m not sure if you’ve gone to Charleston or not yet – but I was just there last week and will be moving there the second week of July (because I fell in love with it!). I spent weeks preparing for the trip and the places/restaurants to try! The ones I went to that I absolutely loved was:

    FIG – Said to be the “best restaurant” in Charleston, which is a bold statement, but definitely lived up to it’s name. Absolutely fantastic! The calamari appetizer (so unique, but so incredible) and the pork chop meal was the best I’ve ever had.

    Taco Boy – If you want cheap, yet AMAZING tacos, you have to go here! The Baja Fish tacos are delicious and you have to get a Frozen Screwdriver! Yummmm.

    Magnolia’s – I stopped in there simply by accident because of the cute decor, and I ended up loving the food! I recommend the Southern Eggrolls appetizer (I believe that’s what they were called…?)

    Rue De Jean – By far, my favorite restaurant of the entire trip. I went here for a late dinner. I got a beautiful seat on their patio, which I recommend you doing also. This place is a MUST-TRY! If/when you go – you must order the Mussels in the Pistou sauce. I have tried a lot of mussels in my lifetime, and these are by the far the best one’s I have ever had!

    Bowman’s Island – Ok, this place is a dump but a very famous dump! It’s tucked away in trees, on a beautiful creek, perfect to catch the sunset. Yummy seafood! I got the fried shrimp, but people recommend their Oysters (but I believe those are seasonal, and they didn’t have them). I’m a major chick flick movie buff, so I tried this place simply because it’s where Dear John was filmed (when they went out to eat). I had no idea it was known to be one of the best seafood places in the city!

    If you want a gorgeous view at sunset (or any time of the day) check out Market Pavillion Rooftop Bar. I was here 3 times during my trip because it was absolutely gorgeous and so relaxing. Although I didn’t eat here, the food looked amazing. The woman next to me was enjoying their Tuna Tartare appetizer and I was salivating… I also went to Stars Rooftop, and it was also very nice – but I definitely favor the Market Pavillion more.

    Also, if you want a KILLER sunset view – although this place isn’t somewhere you’d think – go to Shem Creek Bar & Grill. Go outside to their bar and they have wooden pier’s with little bars on them. Park your booty on one and watch the sunset. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the boats that come in bring dolphins, so you might see some swimming through the creek! Keep your eyes open! (I’ve been told they have really good food, but I didn’t eat there)

    Boone Hall Plantation (again, went because it’s where the Notebook was filmed – hehe). I actually ended up not going there because it was too late, but it looked GORGEOUS! It’s 20$ and you go on all the tours, there’s a ton. When I move there next month, I’m definitely going to be doing that as soon as possible.

    If I think of any other places, I’ll let you know! These were my favorites 🙂 If you already went, hopefully you can sock these away for your next trip!

    Have a wonderful trip girly!!


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