8 Amazing Built-In Bunk Beds


BuiltinBunkBeds_7BuiltinBunkBeds_4BuiltinBunkBeds_5BuiltinBunkBeds_1BuiltinBunkBeds_3BuiltinBunkBeds_6BuiltinBunkBeds_2BuiltinBunkBeds_8I get the top! Growing up, I always remember fighting over privileges for the top or bottom bunk bed. My childhood love of bunk beds has carried on into my adult life… I adore them. My favorite ones are the cozy built-in bunk beds so we collected 8 amazing built-in bunk beds for inspiration. They look like they’re part of the room and add so much character. The little reading lights and curtains are favorites too. What a perfect way to save on space, especially in a kid’s room! The only thing you’ll have to worry about is who will get the top.

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2 responses to 8 Amazing Built-In Bunk Beds

  1. jessie
    June 12, 2014

    i love bunk beds! those are adorable! I was talking to my mom about bunk beds and she said don’t do it…puke on the ceiling! gross!!! but we will probably have bunk beds in our future! 😉

    1. Eden
      June 12, 2014

      Ewww, gross! haha! And you’re definitely in need of some bunk beds soon… get to work on those built ins!!

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