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Travel Diaries Charleston: Part Two


CharlestonSC_19v2CharlestonSC_18CharlestonSC_30Charleston1CharlestonSC_21CharlestonSC_26CharlestonSC_39CharlestonSC_41CharlestonSC_40CharlestonSC_43CharlestonSC_44CharlestonSC_32CharlestonSC_28CharlestonSC_27CharlestonSC_37CharlestonSC_31CharlestonSC_14CharlestonSC_16CharlestonSC_22CharlestonSC_29Charleston2Charleston5Charleston4 And now for Charleston part two… there were way too many pics for one post! As I’m writing this, I’m dreaming of the day we return with Romeo and family. While Zan and I explored the city we kept pointing things out that Romeo would love, especially the beach. We also tried to pack in as much as we could, but I know we missed a lot so a trip back is definitely a must, ha!! Below is a little recap of our last few days in Charleston.

The last 2 nights we stayed at The French Quarter Inn and felt like royalty. This hotel is located in the heart of the city and it’s rated #2 in the US and #18 in the world by Trip Advisor. It was also rated one of the top hotels in the world by Travel + Leisure! I must admit, the service was impeccable. Both hotels, HarbourView Inn and French Quarter Inn exceeded our expectations.

Since we both love tea, we wanted to stop by the Charleston Tea Plantation for a tour and to taste some of the best tea around! I loved that the gift shop had dispensers full of every flavor of iced tea. Talk about a fun sample! We had a few refreshing cups and sat outside on the rocking chairs. Plantation Peach is my favorite and I’m kicking myself for only buying one!

Since my favorite movie, The Notebook, was filmed in and around Charleston, I convinced Zan that we had to go to as many of the filming locations as we could. We made it to 3! They were Boone Hall, the American Theater on King street and the best one of all — Cypress Gardens. More on that below!

I’m sure many of you have heard or tried Jeni’s Ice Cream. We were lucky enough to be in Charleston on opening day and they invited us to join in on the festivities! FREE SCOOPS! I had 5 scoops of ice cream… this is not a joke. Really it was to get a good shot, but I actually devoured them all. It’s Jeni’s! You can’t stop… honestly some of the best ice cream around. Brambleberry Crisp, Salted Caramel and Keylime Pie were our faves. Jeni’s is located in the upper King Street area, so stop by if you’re around!

We went to Sullivan’s Island twice because we loved the beach there so much. I recommend going a little further away from the town to hang on the beach. We liked the area near station 30 because it was a quick walk to the water and the beach was empty! So beautiful. We were splashing in the water like kids. It was amazing.

A MUST place to eat: On the way to the beach we were starving, so we stopped at Page’s Okra Grill, what looked like a simple diner. When we walked in and every single person had a thick Southern accent (something we didn’t really hear in the city), I knew we were in the right place!! Y’ALL!! This is a local restaurant with real Southern comfort food and it was worth every.single.bite. If you ever go, you have to get the bloody mary with bacon, shrimp and grits, the pimento grilled cheese mac and cheese with fried green tomatoes (no joke), collard greens and sweet potato casserole. It’s so affordable too. You will thank me later for this tip!

The Rarebit is a hip restaurant on upper King street. A kind Charmer left a comment saying we should go, so we did! AND they have the best Moscow Mules on tap… spicy, gingery and just perfection. The decor is retro modern and the food is incredible. Definitely a spot to hit up. They also sell their Moscow Mule cups, so I came home with a few of those.

Cypress Gardens… best experience ever! Another super sweet reader, Pam, left a comment that we must go here and just for the fact that they filmed the Notebook here, I was in. So we went, we hopped in a boat and we slowly paddled through the most incredible swamp with endless lily pads, flowers, trees, Spanish moss and bridges. We even saw a few alligators! I kept pretending to see a few and it would freak Zan out… but the times I wasn’t being silly, I was really taking in the beauty because this place is magical!

We saw the city from many views — we walked miles, rented a car and drove, we took bike taxis and a carriage ride. Rainbow Row and the surrounding area had the most charming homes I’ve ever seen! But really, the entire city is filled with darling things to see, so walking was the best way to soak everything in. Charleston and all of its charm really won our hearts and we wouldn’t hesitate one second to go back this Southern gem of a city.

Photos by Zan Passante




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11 responses to Travel Diaries Charleston: Part Two

  1. Kimyee
    June 17, 2014

    Gasp–you had me at Moscow Mules on tap, HA! 🙂 I love reading your adventures, and your photography is stunning as always. A Charleston adventure may have to be in the works for me! Happy Day to you!

    1. June 17, 2014

      This just makes me want to experience Charleston even more! Looks like you had an amazing time, your photographs are beautiful!

      1. Eden
        June 17, 2014

        Diana! It was such a great experience, we’re looking forward to going back one summer and bringing our family! We really enjoyed it and I feel like there is still so much to see that we weren’t able to get around to! Def. go back when you can! Thank you for the sweet comment 🙂 XOXO

    2. Eden
      June 17, 2014

      Kim! They were SOOO good!! The best I’ve had. They serve a lot of Moscow Mules in Charleston and I kind of loved that 🙂 You would really enjoy it if you made the trip out there! So much fun stuff to do 🙂 XO

  2. December 27, 2014

    Hey Eden
    i am heading to charleston and savannah in jan and i cannot wait!!! oh gosh your photos make us feel like we are already there. 🙂

    love your writing and your photos and know that you have a big fan in singapore! far away!


    1. Eden
      December 29, 2014

      Hi Michelle!! Thank you for such a kind note! I am so happy you’ll be visiting Charleston! We fell in love with it and I’m sure you will too 🙂 I’m dying to back this next year… such a wonderful place. I still haven’t made it to Savannah so you’ll have to let me know your thoughts on it! Thank you again so much for taking the time to let me know you love Sugar and Charm! Made my week!! Maybe one day I can make to Singapore, dream! 🙂

      1. January 10, 2015

        oh yes if you are coming, let us know – we will let you know where the locals eat! 🙂

        thank you so much and loving your posts!!

        1. Eden
          January 12, 2015

          Sounds wonderful!! 🙂

  3. April 7, 2015

    Hi! I have referenced your posts about Charleston for months now as I plan my trip next week!
    One question- do you recall which bike taxi/bike rental service you used?
    I would love a suggestion!

    1. Eden
      April 8, 2015

      Hi Allie!! Thank you so much! You are going to LOVE Charleston!! I’m quite jealous I’m not going, haha!! Many of the hotels have bikes to use, but if yours doesn’t maybe try Affordabike on King Have a wonderful trip!!! Definitely take the boat out on the swamp, it’s AMAZING!!

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