Affordable and Easy Flag Bunting


DIYFlagBunting_SugarandCharm_3DIYFlagBunting_SugarandCharm_1DIYFlagBunting_SugarandCharm_2We love affordable and easy DIYs here on Sugar and Charm, so the flag bunting we made using $1 flags definitely makes the cut. American flag bunting is an effortless party decor to hang above a dessert table, in an entry way or just strewn throughout the house to add a patriotic flare to the festivities. There really are no instructions for this because it’s so simple. We bought 5 of those medium sized flags on a stick at World Market, then removed them from the stick and sewed them in a row to a red ribbon. Make sure to leave extra ribbon on both sides for hanging. I folded the outer edge down on the flag and sewed the ribbon inside, but you can do either — sew it straight across or fold the edge. It literally takes 3 minutes and only costs about $7! Yay!



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