DIY Leather Striped Pillows


DIYLeatherPillow_1 DIYLeatherPillow_2DIYLeatherPillow_3DIYLeatherPillows_4I wanted to use my leftover leather to make some  throw pillows for our room, so I added a strip of leather in the center of the pillow to create a unique detail. I’m loving how they turned out.  This project requires some hand stitching and machine sewing. I used a leather needle to sew the leather to the fabric and to sew it closed at the top. It worked perfectly and now I’m thinking of other leather projects I can do! DIY instructions below.

DIY Leather Striped Pillows

1 yard of fabric (your choice)
Leather (I got mine from The Leather Hide Store)
A leather needle (you HAVE to use a leather needle for hand stitching the leather, trust me ; )

To measure your pillow, decide how long you want it to be by adding the fabric and leather together and including an extra 2″ for sewing. For example, if you want the pillow to be 25″ wide, cut 21 inches of fabric and 6 inches of leather. 21 + 6 = 27  You have an extra 2″ for the sewing room. Once the pillow is sewn together, it will be 25″ long. The length of the pillow doesn’t matter as much, just measure and leave room for sewing.

Cut the piece of the fabric to the size you want, then make a cut straight down the middle, in half.

Use an iron to fold down 1/2″ of the fabric to make a perfect crease and guideline for hand-stitching the leather. Hand-stitch the piece of leather to each individual piece of fabric you just cut.

Once the front of the pillow is finished, with the leather hand-sewn down the middle, cut the back from the leftover fabric.

Fit both pieces of fabric together (patterns facing together inside out) and then sew 1/2″ around the edges, leaving the leather part on both ends open. You will hand-stitch these together after the pillow is turned right side out and stuffed.

Once the edges are sewn, turn the pillow right side out, stuff it and then fold the leather and the fabric in. Hand-stitch the opening closed.

And you’re done! Whooo-hoooo : )

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5 responses to DIY Leather Striped Pillows

  1. Kristin
    July 16, 2014

    So cute Eden! I love the leather detail!

    1. Eden
      July 18, 2014

      Thanks Kristin!!

  2. sharon
    July 17, 2014

    since our youngest just graduated from college and is out of the house for good (aw, cry), i’ve been re-doing his room and using leather here and there. this pillow is awesome….just may have to try that tonight! thanks!

    1. Eden
      July 19, 2014

      Awe!! Sorry he’s out… I know that must be hard when the last kiddo leaves ;( I’m going to space my kids out reeaalllyyy far so I always have one living with me, AHAH!! Just kidding 🙂 But, yes you should def. try this. Also, mix it with a few all leather pillows too!

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