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6 Incredibly Fun Photo Apps


AfterLightApp1-HourPhoto1-HourPhoto_2OverAppCaliforniaOverApp2OverAppPhotoBoothVSCOCam OldBooth2There are so many great apps for shooting, editing and customizing iphone photos that it’s hard to keep track of them all. The standard editing ones are great, but today I’m sharing the apps we have the most fun with! From photobooth-inspired pics to an app where you actually have to wait for the pictures to develop (no joke!)… below are my picks for 6 incredibly fun photo apps!

Afterlight – Great app to personalize photos with fun letters, silhouettes, Polaroid-inspired effects and some really cool filters. I made the R picture with this app.

1-Hour Photo – In a world where we thrive on instant gratification, this app brings us back to the days of having to wait for our photos to “develop.” So after snapping a picture, one hour later it will show up in your gallery and it will be black and white. There are no fancy filters or settings. You’ll be extremely surprised at how gratifying this is and how it actually does make the photo better… it’s pretty incredible. We took a few this weekend at Romeo’s first baseball game. We just had to wait until the game was over to see them!

Over – The Over app is amazing for applying text and graphics over pictures. You can get really creative with colors, fonts and the overall design aesthetic. The graphics and fonts are top notch and it’s great for recipe titles too!

PocketBooth – One of my all time faves! Everyone goes crazy over photo booths, so this app is perfect for capturing those exact old school strips we all love! It takes 4 (or 3 if you want) photos in a row and then you can save them to your camera roll or click a button to have them printed and mailed to you! Genius.

VSCO cam – VSCO is the app I use for almost all of the photos I share on Instagram or wherever. It has some of the best filters available and I like the easy editing. I typically bump up the exposure, add some contrast, fill and sharpen it. I also take down the saturation depending on the pic. To the right, check out a few before and afters of pictures I’ve edited through VSCO recently.

Party App – A Beautiful Mess just released their Party App and I must say it’s pretty fun! It’s like creating an animated GIF, but it’s easy and you can choose from different filters, the number of photos, shapes, etc. You can read more about it here.

OldBooth – I’ve written about this one in the past and how much laughter it has brought our friends and family. Taking a picture of someone you know, then putting their face on a totally different person is seriously hysterical. This is one you HAVE to try…

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2 responses to 6 Incredibly Fun Photo Apps

  1. Lauren Hail
    August 5, 2014

    I Love VSCO Cam!

    1. Eden
      August 9, 2014

      Me too Lauren!! It’s such a great app for editing photos! XO

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