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Charming Dachshunds


DachshundThings They have several names, they can sit on their back legs like little statues, they burrow deep in your bed at night and they’re all dressed as the same thing for Halloween. They’re dachshunds and they’re so unique with their long torso and stubby little legs! Personally, I think they’re very charming. I’m a little biased as I begged and pleaded for my parents to buy me a baby dachshund from my neighbor when I was 9. Lucky for me, they agreed and I named him Joshua Lawrence Chamberlin, after this man, ha! I even entered him into local dog shows… he was awesome. Right now, we’re not even close to getting a dog, but when I see something with a dachshund, it always conjures up nostalgic feelings. Below is a list of a few charming dachshund items I’ve spotted around the web. How funny is that Chanel knock off? I love the Boden blouse too! It could make for fun quips, like “Hey you have a little  hotdog on your shirt” haha!

1. Hilarious t-shirt from Bean Goods

2. Dachshunds ice cube tray!

3. LOVE this cute clutch. I don’t think it’s available anymore, so if you like it do a search and let me know if you find it!

4. Sweet little Dachshund pillow

5. A cutting board from World Market

6. Knock-off Chanel bag from Bean Goods

7. Adorable towel from Anthropologie

8. Boden blouse, comes in a few other colors.

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