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Decor Inspiration: Watsons Bay Hotel


watsonsbayhotel_8watsonsbayhotel_4 watsonsbayhotel_3 watsonsbayhotel_1watsonsbayhotel_5watsonsbayhotel_6watsonsbayhotel_7Bringing you all a little decor inspiration today with this super chic Sydney hotel, the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel. Oh how I want to be sipping a piña at that bar! I adore the tile, mint green color theme, rustic wood and the overall tropical, laid back style of this beautiful hotel. And who doesn’t want to line up coconuts and pineapples on their open shelving now?! Amazing! I find a lot of home inspiration from well-designed boutique hotels and Watsons Bay Hotel is definitely one I could spend some time lounging in. Gorgeous!

Photos by Chris Court

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