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One Desk Three Ways with Target


TargetDesk_CoffeeBar_3TargetDesk_CoffeeBar_4TargetCoffeeBar_8210rev TargetDesk_CoffeeBar_2TargetDesk_1TargetDesk_2TargetDesk_4TargetDesk_3TargetDesk_EntrywayTable_1TargetDesk_EntrywayTable_2TargetDesk_EntrywayTable_3TargetDesk_EntrywayTable_4 We had such a blast creating three different ways to use one desk from Target’s revamped Home Essentials line. This desk is versatile, affordable, stylish and can fit into many different interior decor setups. It’s also great because it has drawers for storage — something we can always use more of! Below are the ways we utilized the desk to work with 3 unique design aesthetics.

Coffee Bar – Since I’m an avid and daily (maybe twice a day) coffee drinker, I figured what’s better than a dedicated coffee area off to the side of the kitchen? So we transformed the table into a perfect coffee bar stocked with mugs, different sugars, cinnamon, syrups, creamer and beans. We also used the drawers for coffee filters, utensils and a wash cloth… everything you need to make a delicious cup of joe!

As a Desk – I wanted to show this used as a desk in a real setting. The size makes it a perfect desk for small rooms or even next to a bed. It’s just the right width and length for a laptop, a few accessories and of course flowers. Got to keep it charming! Also, the drawers are great for hiding small office essentials like pens, paper, notes, etc.

Entryway Table – I really loved how this piece turned out as an entryway table. It doesn’t take up a ton of room, so it’s perfect for styling an area that’s sometimes pretty bland in homes. Since I despise piles of things, we added a white tray inside to keep keys, phones and other daily trinkets organized.

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Room Essentials to make modern life easier.

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9 responses to One Desk Three Ways with Target

  1. August 5, 2014

    This is great – we are moving into a new place tomorrow, and I’m thinking I need a smaller desk/entry table like this on this weird wall next to our kitchen. It would be perfect for a coffee bar too!

    Also, I LOVE THAT WALLPAPER. Is it from Target too?

    1. Eden
      August 5, 2014

      Joelle! Congrats on your move!! That’s exciting! The wallpaper is from Target too and I LOVE it! It takes time to put it up because you have to line the patterned, etc. but it’s nice because it’s very easy to remove! Thanks for the sweet comment 🙂

  2. August 5, 2014

    These are so great. I always love the idea of a coffee bar. AND where did you get that California print?!?!?!!!

    1. Eden
      August 6, 2014

      Hi Carrie!! Thank you for the sweet comment! The California print is from here: and we had it costumed framed from a local shop in Burbank. XOXO

      1. August 6, 2014

        THANK YOU!!!! I just ordered a print!

        1. Eden
          August 6, 2014

          Yay!! You’re going to LOVE it!! I thought it was funny how they described CA on the site too “California, California. You are a big ol’ beast!” hahaha!!

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