Charming Table Escape Paintings


LulieandWallace_2LulieandWallace_1LulieandWallaceLulieandWallace_4 LulieandWallace_5LulieandWallace_3I stumbled upon Lulie’s (of Lulie and Wallace) adorable and very charming paintings of table escapes from Look Linger Love and I was smitten! Not surprised to find out she lives in Charleston… talk about Southern Charm at its finest! I love that these paintings are centered around entertaining, food and hospitality… just a few of my favorite things. They’re bright, bold and have a beautiful, abstract style to them. She also makes custom fabric, pillows, lunch boxes and bags. Also, check out her adorable launch preview!! Thanks Lulie for gifting the world with your charming art.

Photos via Lulie and Wallace // Photo of outdoor seating area via Minette Hand Photography

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