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DIY Floral Crowns and Day of The Dead Inspired Makeup


FloralHairCrownHalloween_6FloralHairCrownHalloween_5FloralHairCrownHalloween_8FloralHairCrownHalloween_4FloralHairCrownHalloween_1 FloralHairCrownHalloween_3 FloralHairCrownHalloween_2I’m always the last person in my house to figure out my Halloween costume! This year, Erin of White Fig Designs mentioned she had made a floral crown for a Day of The Dead-inspired makeup look. It inspired me for a Halloween party we’re going to, so I asked Erin and makeup artist Samantha Singer to share their magic with us! The makeup steps are for inspiration, if you have similar products, improvise and use what you have! Read more and get the how-to below!

Erin is such an inspiring floral designer and I’ve worked with her on several special projects for Sugar and Charm. Below is her super easy way to make a fun floral crown for Halloween!

DIY Floral Crowns for Halloween
Supplies: Flowers, floral tape, floral wire, hemp wire, scissors.
1. Measure the hemp wire around your head and create a perfect circle, fastening it securely
2. Choose colorful flowers for the crown
3. Cut the floral stems down to about 1 to 1 1/2 inches
4. Push the floral wire through the top of the stem (all the way through to the other side) and fold it over
5. Use floral tape to wrap from the top of the stem all the way down the wire to secure it and make it one piece
6. Take the wire piece you measured around the head and attach a flower with floral tape
7. Continue around the wire head piece layering the flowers until the crown is complete

Below makeup artist Samantha Singer of Veil of Grace is sharing her tips on creating that awesome Day of The Dead makeup!! The makeup was gorgeous and I’m looking forward to trying it out on myself! Below are Samantha’s tips and some of the products she used.

Day of The Dead-Inspired Makeup 
1. Match skin tone or one shade lighter with foundation. (Makeup Designory foundation used)
2. Cover eyelid and eyebrows with Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study 
3. Place turquoise color all over eyelid up to eyebrow and below eyelid. Create a circular shape. Eyelid color shadow is Ben Nye turquoise
4. Create definition around by adding shape Ben Nye eye shadow color Celestial blue around the outside of the turquoise circle 
5. Line inside of the lash line with black eyeliner (Mac Pro long eyeliner graphite)
6. Line top of eyes with black eye liner (Mac superslick eyeliner in black)
7. Take black eyeshadow powder and blend around the eyeliner to make it look smokey.
8. Make a creative design around eye with Mac superslick liquid liner in green. It looks like a long skinny sharpie. You can draw with it! So much fun!
9. Continue to draw designs on the face with Mac superslick liner in black and green. Be creative! 
10. Shadow in areas with the same eyeshadow color you used on the eyelid.

Use the same steps for the pink tone look. Except Samantha used Ben Nye fuchsia and royal purple shadows and superslick liner in purple and black. 

Huge thanks to my beautiful models!

Photo credit: Zan Passante for Sugar and Charm

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