Touching Video on Direct Trade Coffee


CoffeePost_TargetA few years ago Zan and I spent two weeks in beautiful Costa Rica. We traveled throughout the country, enjoying everything from the city and serene beaches to the incredibly lush mountains and villages. Being the coffee fanatic I am, it was on our list to visit a coffee plantation. I start everyday with a cup of coffee, so I wanted to see the inner workings behind my morning ritual and smell the incredible beans fresh from the farm! On our last day we made it to a coffee plantation and it was really memorable because it was raining and just felt magical. What really stood out was how hard the farmers were working. The woman told us it was her family that owned and ran the operation. After learning about what direct trade is, I was finally able to connect the dots. I’ve seen “Fair Trade” on chocolate bars and bags of coffee but really never thought about it. I don’t usually share random videos about stuff like this, but I actually found it very touching. It’s good to know that the company we shop at pretty much nonstop is doing something positive like direct trade. Basically they’re buying coffee for a premium, direct from the farmers and families who cultivate it. Anyway, after personally meeting actual coffee farmers in another country it’s clear to see how this can benefit both them and the buyer in the long run!


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2 responses to Touching Video on Direct Trade Coffee

  1. sharon
    October 14, 2014

    that made me teary! i have learned so much through your blog!! i love coffee too….and will watch the labels from now on, promise!

    1. Eden
      September 21, 2015

      Thanks so much Sharon!! Sorry for the late response but you’re so sweet. It was really touching, right? Thanks for the comment and support!

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