One Charming Room: A Little Mid-Century


SAC_Home_MidCentury_v1I’ve slowly started to like the mid-century look and feel in a home. Even though my style is more classic, I really like the modern look mixed with classic design! When I saw this photo and that amazing chair, I knew it would make a great post for One Charming Room! The lamp is so unique too and I love the pops of color on the mid-century console. Below is our buying inspiration for this charming mid-century room!

One Charming Room: A little Mid-Century

Metallic Pillow – West Elm

Modern Wood Ombre Vase – West Elm

Fasset Vase – Stampel

Lake Bowl – Mr. Kitly

Colorful Glass Display Domes – Amanda Dziedzie

Sol Floor Lamp – Jardon Lab

Storage Console – West Elm

Camper Arm Chari – Jardon Lab

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